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Jokes about Jesus

November 11, 2012

Well to you two bring college boys.. Let me tell you why Christian’s don’t become violent when you make jokes about our Lord and Savior. It is because Jesus has told us what to do, in His Word.. how to handle situations when we are confronted by trouble makers.. Jesus tells us to turn our other cheek. To love our enemies… We True Christian’s love Jesus. Maybe you can’t comprehend this but I tell you we love Him with all our hearts and we even Repent and turn from our sinful nature because of this love. But! I tell you the Truth.. Jesus loved me first. And Amen to that. Amen!

We also know, sadly, that many people are blind and on the broad road to perdition because people live their life through their free will and choose to live it without Jesus and without Faith. But God’s Son died for this Covenant and the God’s Word tells us that God crushed His Son on the Cross. Why would He do that? Because this Covenant is that real!

And if Jesus was going to suffer and die, God made sure He did just that.. as God too will uphold every other Promise of the Covenant and yes that does include the destruction of Souls, not Saved by Christ who died on the Cross.

Be wise about these things. I tell you the Truth every jot and tittle of God’s Perfect Word will be done.



Hello world!

February 2, 2010

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